“Living Earth” means…

…the processes that made Earth an habitable planet early in Earth‘s history

…the evolution of life on Earth

…the changing face of Earth as described by plate tectonics, the unifying theory first published 50 years ago (1968)

…environmental change through Earth’s history, at present, and projected into the future

…risks and resources for our society

Scientific themes of GeoBonn 2018

  1. Early Earth
  2. 50 years of plate tectonics
  3. Mountain building from depth to surface
  4. Dynamics of core and mantle
  5. Sedimentary systems
  6. Neotectonics, earthquakes, and natural hazards
  7. Mineralogy, material science of the Earth
  8. Groundwater resources and climate change
  9. Earth materials, resources, and waste management
  10. Fossil ecosystems
  11. Fossilization and the quality of the fossil record
  12. Applied and industrial micropalaeontology
  13. Applied geophysics
  14. 3D applications in the geosciences
  15. Outreach, education, and the societal relevance of geosciences
  16. Fluid—Solid Earth Connections
  17. Open Session