• Icebreaker on Sunday, 2 September 17-22 h
    (no fees but registration required)
  • Public evening lecture on Monday, 3 September 19 h:
    Mojib Latif (GEOMAR, Kiel)
  • Science Slam on Tuesday 4 September 19 h
    (no fees, registration on site possible, too)
  • Workshop “Publication of research data related to scientific articles in the geosciences” on Wednesday 5 September 14:30 h
    (no fee but registration required, limited number of participants -> max. 50)
  • Poster Awards & Closing on Thursday 6 September approx. 12 h


Workshop at 5th September


Publication of research data related to scientific articles in the geosciences

The publication of research data fosters the reproducibility and quality of scientific work and opens up opportunities for novel research. Many research funders, universities and scientific organizations are therefore committed to the publication of research data as the standard of scientific practice.

In order to discuss opportunities, benefits and challenges of publishing research data and to assist you in data publication, we are organizing this workshop on "Publishing Research Data in the Earth Sciences".

The workshop demonstrates that publishing research data with existing infrastructures is easy. It deals with current standards and the description of the data as well as with legal aspects and possible publication locations and formats. The focus is on the publication of research data that forms the basis of a journal article.

Start 14:30 h (2 h). Limited number of participants: 50

The workshop is organized by the Fachinformationsdienst Geowissenschaften (FID GEO).

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