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Photographs and pictures: Fotolia: background and news – #136508096 | Alena Yakusheva: Wai-o-tapu geothermal area, Rotorua, New Zealand; footer – #135078247 | JiSign: Skyline Bonn; favicon – #110132680 | kogytuk: The Earth from space four views; Matthias Zepper, CC SA 3.0: Bonn; slideshow header: theevening | #105402695: blue dark marble; #113821030 | walter_bilotta: Cava di marmo di Carrara; #63079768 | kalpis:  collecting soil samples 3; #98888405 | Wead: Volcano eruption. Mount Etna erupting from the crater Voragine;  #53152892 | ChiccoDodiFC: ancient fossil of a fish of a breed extinct for millions of years; #113437815 | Ded Pixto: Oil well pumps; #78198664 | Galyna Andrushko: Glacier in Argentina


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